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You may choose who or what to support : the Institute as an entity, a specific laboratory and its researchers studying a disease of your concern, a particular project including material, young researchers to become the future discoverers, etc.

Celebrate and launch a participative action

You are about to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday, a wedding, a birth … and want to give it a special impact ?
Your friends and family can make a gift in honor of your celebration.
We will provide you with a dedicated donation page you simply have to share.

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On a regular basis, we organise visits to different laboratories to learn about fundamental research in fields as varied as cancer, viral and bacterial infections, diabetes, genetic diseases and many others or

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The next event will take place on Thursday 10 October 2024

Sport event

Give extra impact to your sport activity.

While taking care of your health, help researchers to better understand diseases affecting patients. Fix your sport challenge and invite your friends, family and colleagues to support your engagement.

Brussels 20 km

Join our team or support one of our runners.

In memory of a loved one

Honor the memory of a loved individual by creating a customised tribute page where friends and family have the opportunity to make donations while remembering.

Under certain conditions, you can select the disease(s) for which you want to make a difference

Legacies and wills

You want to leave a legacy of a world richer in knowledge, particularly knowledge that will lead to a better understanding of diseases so that they can be cured more effectively.
Make a bequest and include the de Duve Institute in your will.
In this way, you can make a lasting impact and contribute to the advancement of medicine.

Organising your estate is not something you do lightly.
Bequests may cover all your assets (universal bequests) or be limited to part of your assets (specific bequests). Inheritance tax is limited and varies according to the location of the deceased's last place of residence.

You're probably asking yourself some very legitimate questions. What steps should you take? How can you be sure that your wishes will be respected? How can your estate be divided fairly between your heirs and the Institute ?

As manager of testamentary relations, Sibylle Moreels will work with you in complete discretion to discuss this mutual opportunity, according to your wishes.

Did you think of donating your stocks or life insurance ?

Donating stocks or life insurance to the Institute offers numerous advantages. It can yield significant tax benefits. By leveraging these assets, you can maximize your impact and leave a lasting legacy for a cause you're passionate about.

The process is often straightforward, helping you diversify your portfolio or simplify your giving. Additionally, it supports long-term planning for us and encourages others to consider strategic philanthropic contributions.

You still hesitate ?

Here are 5 extra reasons to support us :

1. The medical treatments you enjoy today are the result of fundamental research

2. By supporting us, you are helping brilliant young researchers to learn from renowned experts in order to advance science

3. By supporting the researchers at the de Duve Institute, you are helping to improve our understanding of diseases, so that we can cure them more effectively

4. Our discoveries today are laying the foundations for the medicine of tomorrow, for the benefit - one day - of thousands of patients

5. And don't forget that your donations are tax-deductible!

Give hope to many patients by supporting us in our mission :

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